Funding Care-Home Fees

Most families at some point may face the issue of an elderly relative needing the security of a care-home. The weekly costs vary according to area and the particular requirements of the person needing the care. If intensive nursing is called for,  the costs increase markedly as you would expect.

We appreciate that the issue of fees can be a complicated one and this information is provided as a guide only. Our Home Manager would be very willing to discuss in detail all of the options appertaining to your individual needs. Call us on 0151 733 7070 or email today. 

Below, for your convenience, is some general information, taken from, as well as links that may be useful to you.

Most people will be expected to pay something towards the costs of their accommodation and personal care from their income and capital.

If the local authority is involved in arranging your placement, the amount you will have to pay will be worked out via a means test, which is based on nationally set guidelines.

Your local authority will firstly do a care needs assessment to identify what help you need. Then they will carry out a means test to work out how much you have to pay towards your care home fees. Currently, if you have assets of more than £23,250, you will need to pay the full cost of your care. Your home won’t be included in this if a partner or close relative still lives there. Your income is also taken into account.

From April 2015, your local authority must provide a personal budget showing how much they’ve calculated they should pay towards your eligible needs (the ones identified in the care needs assessment).

The Care Act

The Care Act is the biggest change in social care in more than 60 years. It is being introduced in two parts in April 2015 and April 2016. It will change the way the social care system works.

There will be a care cap from April 2016. This means no-one will spend more than £72,000 of their own money on their care needs. The amount that you and the council spend on your needs will be added up in your care account. Once this reaches £72,000, the council will pay for all your eligible needs.

From April 2016, the upper capital limit will also increase from £23,250 to £118,000.